The #1 Digital Marketing Skill that every Internet Marketer should breathe every day.

Learn To Write Words That Inspire, Sell and Practically Help You Dominate Any Niche Online Even If You Have Failed Your English Exam

Learn to Write Landing Pages Generate Constant Flow of Leads

Learn to Write Stories that would move People like crazy

Learn to Write Words that read Visitor's Mind and Push them to Action

Learn to Write that Revenue Boosting Email Sequence

Learn to Write Sales Pages that Literally force people to Buy

Learn to Write Ads that Inspire People to Click & Explore

In the Online World..

We Need Words To Represent Us

We Need Words To Help Us To Get Customers Attention

We Need Words To Inspire

We Need Words To Sell

We Need Words To Get People To Get Action

But These Are Not Merely Words,
These Are Smartly Crafted Perceived Value Offering That Converts Visitors Into Customers.

From: Gaurav Madaan (Experienced Millionaire Marketer From HighonM)

To: The Inspiring Millionaire Marketer (You)

Gaurav Madaan Has Been Featured On Platforms Like :

Let me Ask you a Question..

How Many Times have you sat down to write that post, that email, that Ad, that headline where you have struggled to type on to your keyword?

How many Times have you gone blank
and screamed in your Head, someone please help?

"The #1 Reason why Most Marketers on Internet Fail is because they focus too much on Tools and forget the most important part of any Successful Campaign which is - THE MESSAGE"

"The Message you put in words or voice is the ultimate ingredient that lets you win on Internet and Marketing"

- Gaurav Madaan

After Generating Tens Of Thousands of Sales on the internet and with over $1.5Mn Revenue under my seat - I can tell you that Copywriting is The Biggest Sword in any Marketers Arsenal including mine.

People will pay you Thousands of Dollars just for writing One Sales Page if you are a good Copywriter.

At the beginning of my journey, One of my companies paid $3000 to be exact just to get the copy of our Main Sales Pages and one upgrade.

This is the value of Copywriting.

There are very few People on the internet that even know "How to write Effective Copy of that sells"

Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing:

We have been living in the times where Aspiring Marketers have misunderstood Copywriting for content Writing.

The great distinction between content writing and copywriting lies in the purpose of writing it.

Copywriting means writing for the purpose of Promotional Advertising or Marketing that turns Visitors into Customers.

Whereas The purpose of content writing is to entertain and entice online audiences so they just stay longer on websites and engage with the brand.

Copywriting means writing for the purpose of Promotional Advertising or Marketing that turns Visitors into Customers.

Whereas The purpose of content writing is to entertain and entice online audiences so they just stay longer on websites and engage with the brand.

"Anything That Brings In
More Revenue For The Organisations
Is Deemed To Have More Value"

In order to prevent the Extinction of the Most Important Skill Online, I have taken a mission to Educate and Help 1,000 aspirational Internet Marketers to acquire and excel at Copywriting

I proudly present to you my Extensive Copywriting Course

Words That Sell Is A Pre-Recorded Online Course That Will Help You Master The Art Of Selling Literally Anything Online With just Your Words

Let us Dig Deeper And Check What You Are Going To Learn inside This Course

MODULE 1 (Introduction To Copywriting)

What is copywriting?

Importance of a converting copy

Copywriting as a profession

MODULE 2 (Audience Homework)

Importance of researching

Understanding your audience

Finding out what’s working and what’s not

MODULE 3 (Looking for Pain Points and Benefits)

Understanding their pains, desires, persona

Figuring out their objections

MODULE 4 (Introduction to Frameworks)

Deep diving into frameworks that will 
make copywriting easier for you

MODULE 5 (Finding the Hook and Working on Headlines)

Figuring out different angles to use in our copy and testing which one works best

MODULE 6 (Crafting the Story)

Unraveling the power of a relatable story that connects with and engages readers

MODULE 7 (Trapping on the Lead Page)

The power of a solid and intriguing headline to persuade people into giving what you want

MODULE 8 (Selling Copy on the Sales Page)

Opening with the Headline

Revenue Boosting Benefit Pointers

The Hook of the Page & Knocking Off the Objections while closing

Leveraging Authority of Others with Stats and Statements

Risk Reversals & The Power of Testimonials

MODULE 9 (Revenue Boosting Copy on the Upsells)

Selling more by triggering urgency on the Upsell page with short and crisp copy

MODULE 10 (The Email CopyWRITING)

From crafting attention-grabbing subject lines to writing engaging emails that bring sell and add more to revenue

MODULE 11 (The Social Storytelling)

Adding more to your storytelling game

MODULE 12 (The Ad Copy)

Crafting powerful ads to suck your readers completely into offers you are trying to sell

MODULE 13 (Optimizations OF THE COPY)

Auditing, editing, and proofreading to improve your conversions and take revenues through the roof

What My Students Say

"Gaurav is a truly inspirational digital marketer. There are very few marketers in India in his league. The course is very helpful, the selection of words is very important. I consider this course very useful and informative."

Umar Chitapure

Founder, Pharmastery

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! I am Gaurav Madaan

Experienced Millionaire Marketer From "HighonM"

Gaurav Madaan is a highly sought after in-demand Marketer. He has a vast experience of 8+ Years in the field of Digital Marketing and has worked with a number of Brands and Partners.

He has trained 1,00,000+ Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Marketers across the globe.

Gaurav has sold more than $2 Million worth of Products and Services Online.

His last written Sales Copy has gone on to Generate $750,000+ in Revenue.

His written emails have generated more than $250,000 worth of Affiliate Commissions.

His written Ads have generated more than $300,000 worth of Revenue directly from Cold Audience.

Gaurav Madaan Has Been Featured On Platforms Like:

One thing which you can be assured of him is that He knows his skill even in Deep Sleep.

Gaurav is on a Mission to teach 1,000 Students the skill of CopyWriting (Words that Sell) in this Financial Year…

Now the Question is,
Are you one of those 1,000 Students?

Here are the Benefits you are going to drive by learning the Skill of Copywriting:

Learn to Read the buyers Mind & write Sales Sucking Emails

Never ever Struggle to put “words that sell” to Paper

Write Killer Sales Pages that convert

Learn to write Attention Grabbing Social Media Updates that drive Sales

Use your Copywriting Skill and Charge people to write Copy for them

Learn to write compelling Stories that Captivate, Engage and Sell

“Words that Sell” Course gives you the right guidance and resources to become a True Marketer who can Drive Leads, Sales and Revenue at the will of their Words :)

Get Rid of your Copy foes forever,

Start by enrolling in “Words that Sell“ Course below

Introduction To Copywriting

Audience Homework

Looking for Pain Points and Benefits

Introduction to Frameworks

Finding the Hook and Working on Headlines

Crafting the Story

Trapping on the Lead Page

Selling Copy on the Sales Page

Revenue Boosting Copy on the Upsells

The Email Copy

The Social Storytelling

The Ad Copy


Normal Price: ₹4,999

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Today's Price:
₹ 1,999


We are not finished yet...

Bonus #1

Fill in the Blanks Cheatsheet Worth
₹ 2,999

We’ve been through those days when our analytics showed 1000 visitors but, we were yet to make a sale.

We’re not going to let you go unless you get what we promised.

So we are giving away one of the most valued “Fill in the Blanks Cheatsheet” as a Bonus.

In this Cheatsheet, you will find multiple fill in the blanks style done for you copy.

Now whenever you sit to write, you will have plenty of done for you options to begin and write the copy you want at an unprecedented pace.

Make your every word count… get inside the brains of customers by providing immense value and make more money than ever before.

Bonus #2

Viraleze Split Test Campaign Case Study Worth ₹ 999

Often times when we put words on to an Offer, we feel it's something that's gonna convert like crazy and we have hit the Right Mix of Pain Points along with Benefits.

But that's not the case, The Audience delivers the Real Testimony.

Here is One Such Case Study where we thought, we nailed it. And then there were no conversions.

We had to put our brains to work and come up with OPTIMISATIONS to make sure the Traffic is not wasted.

This Case Study covers this exact process and serves as a Roadmap for you to learn and optimise your own Copy.

Bonus #3

Optinchat Crush Campaign Case Study Worth ₹ 3999

One of the Most Ignored channels on the web is Email Marketing.

Many fail to understand, is Email still relevant?

Well the Answer is; Email is still one of the Highest ROI driven channels if used wisely.

Here is a Bonus Email Crush Campaign that went on to generate $80,000 in Sales within the first 7 days.

Let this be a Case Study for you to learn, imitate and even copy from & get more revenue using the Power of Email Marketing.

Let me show you everything you get when you buy "Words That Sell"
right now!

"Words That Sell" Course Worth ₹4,999

Bonus #1 Fill in the Blanks Cheatsheet Worth ₹2999

Bonus #2 Viraleze Split Test Campaign Case Study ₹999

Bonus #3 Optinchat Crush Campaign Case Study Worth ₹3999

Total Value:


Picture right now, how would it feel when you are able to multiply your revenue by using the power of your words.

The number of people you would be able to influence and turn into high paying customers…

A lot, isn’t it?

You see your offers converting and pouring money into your account.

All because you decided this is the day to take the necessary action.

Just do it.

I will see you at the Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit by taking this course?

Ans: After the program, you’ll be able to drive more visitors by effective storytelling & convert these visitors into customers (and do this at scale).

How will I Access the Course?

Ans: On Signup, you would be given access to LMS with which you can access the Program.

Do you provide lifetime access to this course and free updates? Will I get any premium group access after purchasing this course?

Ans: Yes the Updates and access are for Lifetime.
We have a Private Premium Community for all Students where they can ask questions and I answer them.

Where can I put these skills at work?

Ans: In the online world, we use words everywhere, be it Social Media, Blog, or Landing Pages. With copywriting skills at your disposal you can consistently monetize your traffic.

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